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Awaken your soul and live the life you dream!

Transformational and Trauma Informed NLP Coaching

with Kris Graham

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What would it feel like to wake up everyday feeling, thinking, and acting in a new way that aligns with your deepest desires and brings you joy?  Most of us feel that possibility buried deep inside, yet we simply don't know how to access it.  Imagine the possibilities that would open up if you were able to step into a life where you let go of the harsh beliefs and the painful emotions weighing you down and keeping you from your dreams.  It's time to face what holds you back head on and step into the life you want to be living.  NLP coaching is a life changing experience in which you can do just that!

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) cuts right to the chase with an array of tools that work with accessing the unconscious mind, which comprises a whopping 90% of your brain.  By working with the power of the unconscious mind, change happens much faster than with conscious work, which is the approach to change most of us have been taught all our life . . . yet it hasn't worked.

How long have you been working on the same problem?  How many years have you been dragging around beliefs and thoughts no longer serving you, but just don't know how to change them?  Do you find yourself secretly and silently carrying around shame and sadness and that terrifying feeling you just may not be good enough?


The truth is most of us have lived with these very things that block us for years, decades, and even our lifetime.  To be human is to have experienced some trauma, and it takes courage and support to work through.  The problem is we are approaching our trauma with the same mind that created the suffering in the first place, and the answers we need simply cannot be accessed and solved through the conscious mind.

While many coaching programs promise breakthroughs and release of old programming and painful emotions at the conscious level, NLP delivers by investing in the 90% unconscious mind where real, sustainable change actually happens.  Without the proper tools to access the unconscious, no matter how hard you try, the changes you deeply desire will continue to elude you.

If you have been searching for a way to change your life and live differently, the NLP tools can elevate and impact your life in profound ways. The approach is safe, gentle, fast, and effective and does not  require reliving the pain of the past over and over again.  There is nothing more gratifying and exhilarating in life than truly connecting with your personal power and purpose and getting results. Walking through life embodied in who you are brings the best version of yourself to the table benefitting everyone your life touches.  If you have been longing to break free and are looking to live a fulfilled, vibrant and exciting life you love, you will discover and learn how to tap into your unlimited potential through this work.

Meet Kris

Master Level Certified NLP Transformational  and Trauma Informed Coach and founder of the movement, Awakened Souls

"After years of searching and investing endless amounts of time and money into therapy, self-help programs, and 1:1 coaching, I finally found the powerful tools I was looking for for my clients and myself.  NLP training has been the single best investment I have made as it produces profound and lasting changes.

As a master coach, my approach is to get clients results as fast, easy,, and effortlessly as possible.  While that may seem too good to be true, with NLP it's real and possible, because the unconscious mind is powerful.


NLP utilizes unique tools that span quantum physics, alchemical forgiveness, specialized language patterns, and more to access the unconscious where all the answers lie.  With NLP, you can finally access the root cause of pain that has plagued you for a lifetime.

Combining the power of NLP with my super power, which is creating a safe environment where my clients feel an exceptional level of comfort and support, allows them to get to their results even quicker.  It is a privilege and an honor to serve in this way."


Offerings - Ways to Awaken

Quantum Tools

6 Week Breakthrough

1:1 Transformational Coaching

Groups and Workshops

“"Kris I can't thank you enough for facilitating my Breakthrough. Not even one week has gone by and I am seeing changes. The clarity and confidence I feel in myself to reach my goals is pretty awesome all on its own. Amazingly, other good things have also begun to happen. Wow, I mean Wow, Opportunities, and invitations have started arriving, yes plural. Opportunities and invitations that are in direct alignment with the focus of my Breakthrough. I am still a bit gobsmacked at the profound level of unconscious blocks removed, ah-ha moments revealed and resulting in awareness that unfolded during my Breakthrough. All due to how safe I felt working with you. I felt free to let go and be all in. I let myself be vulnerable to become empowered.  I now feel confident where I have not felt confident before. Knowing things about myself I did not know before and have insights and understanding on how to get where I really want to go.”

- E.H.

“"Kris had an incredible balance of being able to create a safe and accepting space whilst still holding me accountable for my goals and tasks at hand. I felt fully seen by her and she believed in me, and this allowed me to flourish in ways I couldn't have even imagined before working with her. I felt she saw my potential when I could not and mirrored back the best version of myself to help me reach my full potential. I couldn't have wished for a better coach.”

- Olivia Nelson

“"What a freeing experience to share out loud in a safe space with a safe guide all my truths. Sharing my shame, my guilt, my deep feelings and thoughts around people in my life, including myself, that I haven't shared with anyone else.  This journey opened my heart to begin letting go of what I've held inside and have been too scared to admit. It gave me more compassion and love for myself. It gave me more acceptance of myself and acceptance of others. I am human. I am OK. I am safe. And I don't need to hold onto the shame and guilt anymore. I started to let go of my past and fear of my present and future. I can start living my own life now, walking my own path and no one else's. My heart is lighter. Then there were the surprise results after! Just a week later, my life partner got a job with benefits and a pension, exactly what I wanted and thought would never happen, and my relationship with my sister shifted in ways I couldn't have predicted and a new level of healing began."”

- Kristin Gallagher

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